Alex Manitopyes

SACRD THNDR is an Indigenous owned and designed brand that celebrates the intersection of culture and high fashion.

Founded by Alex Manitopyes, a non-binary/trans masc fashion designer from Muskowekwan and Peepeekisis First Nation, SACRD THNDR embraces the rich art of Indigenous culture. Alex, born and raised in Mohkinstsis (Calgary, Alberta), draws inspiration from their cultural roots, infusing each accessory with meaning and trends.

The name SACRD THNDR is a nod to Alex's last name - Manitopyes, meaning Sacred Thunderbeing, signifying strength and resilience.

Since 2023, SACRD THNDR has been making its mark in the fashion world, offering a stunning array of lightweight acrylic earrings that blend contemporary style with Indigenous authentic craftsmanship.

Embracing inclusivity and diversity, SACRD THNDR's accessories are designed for all to wear, embodying a juxtaposition of traditions and modern technology.

You are invited to celebrate the spirit of SACRD THNDR - where tradition meets trendsetting, and every accessory carries a legacy.