SACRD THNDR invites ALL to wear and embrace the essence of its creations.

We are an Indigenous-owned luxury brand that seamlessly fuses culture with contemporary fashion.

Elevate your style. Unleash your inner THNDR.

ᑖᓂᓯ - Tân’si!

SACRD THNDR not only distinguished by its commitment to blending Indigenous culture with contemporary fashion but also by its ownership and design leadership. The brand is led by a Two-Spirit individual, which is a term used in some Indigenous cultures to describe a person who has a unique gender identity that transcends traditional binary notions. This Two-Spirit perspective profoundly influences SACRD THNDR’s design philosophy, allowing for a richer and more inclusive interpretation of fashion. The designs often incorporate symbols, patterns, and stories that reflect the diverse and multifaceted nature of Indigenous identities. By integrating these elements, the brand not only creates luxurious and aesthetically striking pieces but also serves as a powerful platform for cultural expression and awareness. In essence, SACRD THNDR's approach to fashion is a celebration of identity, traditions, and artistry, making it a unique and pioneering force in the luxury fashion industry.

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